PGMC named Best RI Choral Group 2018  by Motif Magazine, an honor we have received 8 out of the last 11 years!


The Providence Gay Men's Chorus (PGMC) aspires to deliver uplifting, empowering messages of equality for all; to present unique and collaborative musical performances by one of the finest gay male choral ensembles in the country; and to be inspirational leaders of social change: locally, regionally and globally.

The main objective of the PGMC is sharing our group and individual talents, our love of music, the joy of performing and our commitment to excellence with the local community.

Through this artistic vision, the PGMC strives not only to change the way society thinks about gay men, but to hopefully change society's perceptions of all diverse people in all parts of the world.

The PGMC continually strives to be a highly-effective, talented and diverse membership that constantly demonstrates to the community how people of different ethnicities, religious beliefs, educational levels and core belief systems can come together in an inclusive, productive, fun and safe environment.

The History of the PGMC

In 1995, an advertisement was placed in a local LGBTQ magazine, looking for gay men who loved to sing choral music. Twelve men gathered together at that first meeting and the Providence Gay Men’s Chorus was born! Since that first rehearsal, the group’s membership has risen to as many as 50 singers back in 2000, and currently has approximately 40+ talented and dedicated members, and, of course, we are always looking for new voices to join us. All are welcome!

The journey has not always been an easy one for the PGMC over the past years. Public understanding has evolved immeasurably since 1995, and the acceptance of gay rights and of alternative lifestyles has certainly made significant strides. But there can still be fierce resistance to any lasting change by the opponents of LGBTQ equality.

More often than not, the rhetoric to take action and to confront social injustice can be muddled, derisive and inaccurate. The PGMC believes its message is delivered more effectively and emotionally through song rather than through speech. Throughout the years, the two things that have remained constant is the PGMC’s continued commitment to musical excellence, and its ability to emotionally inspire its audiences, its members and the community through artistic, fun, high-quality choral concerts. The PGMC provides a unique entertainment experience found nowhere else in Providence or in Rhode Island.

PGMC members serve as Musical Ambassadors to the LGTBQ community and provide a positive image to thousands every year. We constantly strive to produce professional-quality shows, combining the best of musical theater, cabaret and traditional choral performance. These are accolades we are very proud to accept, and ones that we work very hard to keep.

The Providence Gay Men’s Chorus is not only an integral part of the Providence, RI artistic and LGBTQ communities, but we are also a loving and inclusive family.

Artistic Director - Kim Kuda

Kim Kuda has been the Artistic Director of the Providence Gay Men’s Chorus since 2012. Kim plays an integral role in the performance, arrangement, and preparation of our concert material. Her ability to compose music and arrange songs specifically for the group has contributed greatly to the continued musical success of the PGMC.

Playing the piano professionally since 1975, Miss Kuda holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music from Rhode Island College and in Communications & Theatre from Miami University of Ohio. With an impressive resume that includes musical direction, arranging, and leadership roles in numerous musical and theatre projects all over New England and the Midwest, we consider ourselves quite pleased to have Kim as the Artistic Director of the PGMC.

"I am honored to be the Artistic Director of the Providence Gay Men's Chorus. The PGMC is an amazing and diverse group of men who are not only united in their love of music and desire to spread their message of equality and tolerance, but in their close friendships and support for each other. They are a family who take very good care of each other (and of me!) and I can't imagine anything more fulfilling and rewarding than making music with them. I look forward to our future together."

The Board

President - Matthew Balsamo
Vice President - Michael Abdallah
Recording Secretary - Peter Fournier
Treasurer - Gen Hamel
Members-at-Large - Robert Kozminski & Wil Snodgrass III

The Providence Gay Men's Chorus invites membership and participation without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or handicap (or any other criterion prohibited by applicable law). It is the policy of the Providence Gay Men's Chorus to offer equal opportunity employment and membership on the basis of qualification and ability without regard to that which is unrelated to the person's ability to perform the job assigned. The chorus complies with all applicable state and federal regulations regarding hiring and membership.