GALA Choruses, the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses, leads the North American LGBTQ choral movement, and the PGMC is proud to be a member chorus. GALA Choruses is comprised of more than 170 member choruses, which amounts to over 8,000 singers. The organization is dedicated to helping choruses become more effective, both artistically and administratively. GALA Choruses' signature event is their quadrennial Festival, which brings together singers for the world's largest LGBTQ performing arts event.

GALA Choruses will be holding its eleventh quadrennial Festival in July of 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We will be proud to represent the city of Providence and the state of Rhode Island. In 2012, when we last attended GALA, a record-breaking 6,100 singers and delegates attended, representing 112 performing choruses and an additional 48 small ensembles and the 2020 Festival promises to be even bigger and better. With nearly round-the-clock performances held simultaneously in three performance venues, GALA Festival hosts more than 200 hours of choral performances. Festival highlights typical include a classical masterworks sing-along, a retrospective concert of 30 years of choral commissions, and morning "Coffee Concerts" featuring fully staged performances by selected ensembles.

So who and what are GALA Choruses? See for yourself at

  • GALA Choruses are CATALYSTS. They provide enthusiasm, resources and tools to inspire their member choruses to use the power of music to create social change.
  • GALA Choruses are HARMONIZERS. They are diverse people who employ the power of song with respect and understanding. They bring their communities together to experience musical excellence, collaboration, cooperation, acceptance, transparency, and opportunities for all.
  • GALA Choruses are LISTENERS. They listen to their members, their colleagues, and each other in order to understand the issues, define the roles, and serve the common welfare of our movement.
  • They are all LEADERS. They offer strategic direction to the movement we all serve. They work effectively with partners around the world who seek to achieve complimentary goals. They strengthen our association by nurturing effective leadership and ensuring robust, sustainable financial resources.
  • The vision of GALA Choruses is a world where all voices are free.
  • The mission of GALA Choruses is to empower LGBT Choruses as we all change our world through song.

Your continued contributions and ticket purchases will help us to get there with less financial impact on our members. Please consider supporting us as a group or sponsoring an individual chorus member in this venture.