Rights Of Passage

June 7-9 2019

Greenwich Odeum, East Greenwich RI

Below are a few of the audience reactions and comments received after our last performance:

I am writing now to say what a joy that concert was. It was a genius stroke to intersperse the brief narratives, some hilarious, others so poignant. The medley of the Broadway standards absolutely mesmerized me. I was thrilled to pieces to see and hear each piece. Congratulations on a huge success!

I can’t call what we experienced yesterday just a concert. The word tribute comes to mind–a gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, and admiration–for those who have gone before, including the men who stood proudly on the stage. Congratulations to your vision and to the wonderful music which you and your guys brought to life.

I was accompanied by a friend who is very closeted. So unfortunate for a man of 37 years. We all must travel our own journeys, of course, but I know that through his tears yesterday, he saw some strength to move forward and edge his way to freedom. And that’s because of your concert.